Marion P. Myers

Jubilee Unlimited Creator

Marion P. Myers is a National Board Certified Teacher-Exceptional Needs Specialist in Early Childhood through Young Adulthood for learning disabled students. In addition, she is certified in speech/language, special education-learning disabilities, English as a Second Language, elementary principal and supervisor and secondary principal and supervisor. Ms. Myers has a B.A. degree from Lincoln University, a M.A. degree from New York University, 45 graduate credits from South Carolina State University, and an Educational Specialist degree from Nova Southeastern University. Ms. Myers recently earned her doctoral degree from Capella University in educational administration.

The “Never That” children’s series is for enrichment of children by enhancing their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. This series also enhances sociolinguistic skills and reinforces character education traits. Dr. Myers is the author eight books exclusively published by Xlibris.

A Philadelphia native, Dr. Myers, enjoys writing stories that reflect the “growing pains” of children and the valuable lessons that can be learned from these experiences. Her other books are about the importance of following JESUS and making HIM the Savior of our life.

Dr. Myers’ adapted her independent television series, CYCLES, from her book, CYCLES, I’m Still Here!  For more information about CYCLES, go cyclestvseries on Facebook. She is looking to receive a major network distribution for her series. In addition, with her dedication to children, she has a learning center where she and her staff assist students to bridge the gap amidst the virus epidemic. You can visit https://www.youhelp.com/we-are-a-step-ahead-with-literacy-edge to read more about my learning center.